Service and Repairs

(Every Year) Safety Check

Check brakes, tires, shifting, bearings, adjustment, lube chain ——————————————– $30

(Every 1-2 Years) Basic Tune-Up

All of the above, plus adjustments, true wheels & basic wipe down ——————————————–$70

A La Carte Add Ons

Clean Bike ——————————————–$60/hr
Replace Drive Train ———————————$35 plus parts

Sides (with safety check or basic tune up) 

Tire/Tube labor ——————————————–$10

Brake Pads labor ——————————————–$10

Wrap Handlebars ——————————————–$10

Cables Replacement (labor) ——————————————–$5

Housings Replacement (labor) ——————————————–$5

Cross Country Ski Labor Rates

Minor Iron Wax   ——————————————– $15

Clean/tune/Iron Wax  ——————————————–$15-$35

Mount Bindings——————————————–$15

Downhill Ski Labor Rates

Mini Tune (Grind base & edges, hot wax)——————————————–$30

Minor to Major Tune (Mini Tune plus base repairs)——————————————–$30-$45

Hand Tune (Hand bevel edges to desired angle & Iron wax) ——————————————–$45

Iron Wax ——————————————–$20

Binding Adjust ASTM check ——————————————–$20

Remount ASTM check ——————————————–$40

Mount ASTM check ——————————————–$30

Snowboard Labor Rates

Mini Tune ——————————————–$40

Minor to Major Tune (Mini Tune plus base repair) ——————————————–$40 on up

Iron Wax ——————————————–$30